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If you are looking for Restaurant Recommendations, look no Further!

We, at Doma Zagreb  have put together a list of top rated recommended restaurants in Zagreb to enhance your stay!

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Suggestion for Breakfast:


1) Boogie Lab Zagreb 

Ul. kneza Borne 26, 10000, Zagreb

2) Verde brunch & caffe

Martićeva ul. 63, 10000, Zagreb

3) Broom44

Dolac 8, 10000, Zagreb

4) Salo

Opatovina ul. 13, 10000, Zagreb


Suggestion for lunch 


1) Kai Street Food

2) Rougemarin 
Adress: Petrinjska ul. 2, 10000, Zagreb.

3) Korcula, seafood specialty one of the oldest in town. 
Ul. Nikole Tesle 17, 10000, Zagreb


4) Burgeraj

Vlaška ul. 35, 10000, Zagreb



Suggestions For Dinner


1) Vinodol, one of the oldest as well great menu and service. 
Ul. Nikole Tesle 10, 10000, Zagreb

2) Boban 
Great food great service fairly priced, 
Address: Gajeva ul. 9, 10000, Zagreb

3) Noel, for exquisite cuisine and service. Strongly recommended, 
reservation required. Not cheap! 
Ulica popa Dukljanina 1 
10000 City of Zagreb

4) cheese and Wine Bar 
Ulica Augusta Cesarca 2 
Zagreb, Croatia 10000 


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They are all within walking distance. we hope you will enjoy it.
The Doma Zagreb Team 

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