Dear valued traveler, 

In order to make your stay in the Republic of Croatia as safe as possible, we are providing you with some information regarding the measures which are being implemented by enter croatia MUP for the purpose of protecting the health of all visitors and citizens of the Republic of Croatia.

By entering the Republic of Croatia, you are not obliged to self-isolate.


  • Occurrence of symptoms during the stay in the Republic of Croatia. If the people who have crossed state border develop symptoms of the disease after entering the Republic of Croatia, they must stay in their accommodation and call their host, i.e. organizer of their arrival, who will notify the primary care physician (i.e. a physician in a tourist medical clinic). Outside of the working hours of the competent primary care physician, the host of the foreign (official) person, who is exhibiting pronounced symptoms of the disease, calls the emergency medical services.
  • Entry into the Republic of Croatia in regard to a person exhibiting signs of the disease. If a person is exhibiting signs of the disease when entering the Republic of Croatia, the border police will notify the border sanitary inspector and/or sanitary inspector who will decide on further action, with the option of referring the person to a competent healthcare institution for testing and treatment.

Hospitality facilities, additional amenities and stores are open for visitors. Epidemiological protective measures have been prescribed for all types of offers, which ensure the protection of visitors and staff as well as regular disinfection of the premises.

When leaving the accommodation facility, it is advised to wear a face mask or a cover for the nose and mouth, maintain physical distance from other people (minimum of 1.5 meters) and regularly perform hand hygiene.

Recommendations and guidelines from the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

  • Wash hands as often as possible with warm water and soap, and/or use hand disinfectant which should be thoroughly rubbed between the palms. Avoid touching the face, mouth, nose and eyes.
  • It is advised to use contactless payment or pay by using an online payment method.
  • It is advised to use your own means of transport or a rent-a-car, and if other forms of transport are being used, observe the measures for preventing the spread of diseases (physical distancing, regular hygiene, protective masks and gloves, and similar).
  • It is advised to avoid large groups of people with whom you do not share accommodation.
  • In the event that symptoms of acute respiratory infection occur (cough, sore throat, elevated body temperature, shortness of breath/trouble breathing, loss of smell and taste), it is necessary to stay at home/accommodation and notify the host /competent family physician (i.e. a physician in a tourist medical clinic).
  • In the event that severe, life-threatening symptoms suddenly occur, the person should contact the emergency medical services by dialing 112.

In the event that the symptoms appear and you require assistance, notify your host who will contact the physician on your behalf.

You may request additional information and clarification by calling the info number 112 or 113.

Emergency medical services telephone number is 194 for the city of Zagreb and 112 outside of the city of Zagreb.

have a safe stay at Doma Zagreb ! 


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