Autumn in Zagreb, A Season of Surprises

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As the curtain falls on summer, Zagreb reveals its unique charm in the autumn months. The city experiences a transition from the warm embrace of the sun to the cool caress of fall. Here's a glimpse of what to expect during this vibrant season and some recommended places to explore:


Al-Fresco Delights: September's sun still keeps Zagreb's outdoor spaces buzzing. Tkalčićeva Street, known for its row of lively bars just off the main square, remains a hot spot for nightlife. Locals, undeterred by the cooling temperatures, gather at corner cafés, sipping hot espressos and enjoying lively conversations.


Cozy Hideaways: When it's time to embrace indoor coziness (temperatures dip to around five degrees in November), Zagreb offers a range of warm and welcoming bars and restaurants . Whether you choose to unwind at the intimate bar Kolaž with its smoky and secretive interior or opt for the sleek and moody ambiance of Vinyl, you'll find the perfect retreat from the autumn chill.


Cultural Riches: If you're more inclined toward the arts, autumn delivers a cultural feast. The Lisinksi Hall hosts a diverse range of performances, from the Zagreb Philharmonic to captivating international acts.


Zagreb Film Festival: November brings the Zagreb Film Festival, an international event that transforms the city into a cinematic hub. Screenings take place in various venues, with Kino Europa at its heart. This decadent cinema, with its grandeur reminiscent of a bygone era, offers a truly magical movie-watching experience.


Art and Galleries: Zagreb's galleries fully reopen after the summer lull, offering an array of artistic wonders. Explore exhibitions at the Art Pavilion, Mimara, and Strossmayer, or venture into the city's independent galleries. Greta, marked by a single red 'G', hosts weekly openings where the art crowd mingles on Monday nights.


Culinary Exploration: Zagreb's culinary scene blossoms in the autumn. Explore a variety of dining options, and don't miss the Dolac fruit and veg market, which comes alive with color and energy under the backdrop of a changing sky.


Nature's Beauty: As the heat of summer wanes, it's the perfect time to embark on a Sljeme adventure. This mountain, just a short tram ride away, offers a delightful escape from the city's bustle. Make sure to bundle up, as winter brings snow to its summit. Enjoy a leisurely hike and reward yourself with a warm meal and a rakija at a mountaintop hut.


Open Spaces: Zagreb's green spaces still beckon in autumn. While picnic season may have passed, Maksimir Park transforms into a dramatically beautiful landscape, with its tall and dark woods and the golden glow of the setting sun casting a magical spell.




The Magic of Plitvice Lakes in Autumn

Autumn on Plitvice Lakes is just incredible. The abundance of maples and beeches turn yellow and red, decorating the falls and serene lakes.


Plitvice Lakes are a natural wonder of the world and undoubtedly the most famous national park in Croatia. The pictures of glistening waterfalls tumbling down to the emerald and clear lake are world-known. The 16 bigger and much smaller lakes crush one into the other in a series of cascades, thanks to the tufa barriers. The lakes are encompassed by a dense beech and fir forest; some parts are true primary forests like Čorkova uvala.


Every season has its own charm: The winter often brings frozen lakes and waterfalls, the spring is gushing with water and juicy green colors, and then summer brings calmness and meditation. The autumn is not surprisingly the peak of colors. The abundance of maples and beeches turn yellow and red, decorating the falls and peaceful lakes. All this richness is reflected on a water surface. The wooden footpaths and bridges are covered by leaves, like a soft carpet.


Depending on the autumn rains, there could be more or less water, but this is secondary. Even on overcast days, the colors are strong enough to make your day. Rainy days are beautiful, as reds, yellows, and greens are extremely saturated. Photographers, don’t forget the polarizer filter. After all, rainy and overcast days are the best for inside shots – there are no unpleasant patchwork of the shadows and sunspots.



Nightlife Awakening: Autumn marks the resurgence of Zagreb's nightlife scene. While central clubs like Peper always draw a crowd, the real heart of the city's party scene resides in industrial warehouses on the urban fringes. With partygoers returning from the coast, season opener nights at venues like Medika and Masters promise a hedonistic homecoming, albeit somewhat tricky to find for the uninitiated.


Autumn in Zagreb is a time of delightful discoveries. Whether you're seeking cultural experiences, culinary delights, or outdoor adventures, the city offers a rich tapestry of experiences. So, pack your bags, and come savor the charm of autumn in Zagreb.

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